Sunday, February 27, 2011

Black Skimmer

Rynchops niger

While visiting the Hans A. Suter Wildlife Area in Corpus Christi we captured this series of images showing a Skimmer feeding. The first image (Normal Skim) is the level of skim that we often see, image two (Going a Little Deeper) shows the Skimmer going a little deeper to capture food and we see the water rolling up its back and image three (Clearing Water) shows the Skimmer as it ends it pass, water flowing off its back and displaying its bill.

The area that the Skimmer was working contained a large number of birds that at times formed very dense flocks. In the images you can see a Laughing Gull and two Black Necked Stilts. If you look at the Stilts you can see that the water is not very deep making you wonder how the Skimmer keeps from hitting the bottom as it skims.



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